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Relx Classic Pod


Sold Out

First generation of close pod system, Relx Classic. Follow by 2nd generation, Relx Alpha; 3rd generation, Relx i; 4th generation Relx infinity and latest Relx Phantom, 5th generation.

Sadly, Relx 2nd and 3rd generation did not pull it through well. Therefore, you can hardly find any store selling these two generation.

Relx Classic had always been the more popular choice until the production of 4th generation and 5th generation, Infinity and Phantom. One of the reason could be the feeling of inhaling an actual cigarette is much closer with these two latest productions of Relx. 

VapewithJay stopped importing Relx classic for now. Sorry for the inconvenient cause. We recommend Max classic model if you are still using a classic device. They are compatible.

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