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Max Miwu Device VS Relx Phantom 5th Gen Device

The new RELX 5th Gen Vape Phantom is very similar to the RELX Infinity in general, with a smooth metallic surface that is very comfortable to touch. Whereas Max Miwu has a gloss coated finishing.

The Phantom is almost the same size as the Max Miwu Device. After all, they’re both compatible with RELX Pods Pro; Max Miwu Mate series and Max Miwu Herb series Pods, so the pen-shaped vape appearance will not change much.

The biggest difference in appearance between the RELX Phantom and the Infinity is the LED light. The Phantom’s LEDs are four little parallel horizontal bars, while the Infinity is a circle dot shape.

You can see that RELX has put a lot of thought into the Phantom’s LED lights – each of the four bars can be lit up separately, and one bar represents 25% of the battery, which means that you can visually see how much power is left in your 5th Gen RELX pod vape.

As for Max Miwu device, the battery is represented by the color of the LED lights. (Blue, Green and Red)

The only drawback for Phantom is that to check how much power is left in the stick, you need to pull out the cigarette and then plug it back in to see the exact power level. I think this can be completely avoided by other designs, this need to pull out the operation of the plug, a little lower the quality of the product. Whereas for Max Miwu, you can look at the color of the LED lights to determine the battery while vaping, or you can pull out the cigarette and plug it back in.

During normal use for both device, the LED lights will tide flashing white for phantom and Max Miwu will shows the color representing the battery level; when the power has almost run out, the LED lights will flash red and stop to produce vapor when you vape (which means there’s going to be no clouds when you vape).


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