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Experience the Ultimate Vaping with VMC 12000 Puffs

Introducing the VMC 12000 Puffs Disposable Pod, your gateway to a convenient and satisfying vaping experience. With a whopping 12000 puffs per pod, you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without worrying about refills or recharges. Plus, with its 3% nicotine content, you'll get the perfect balance of satisfaction and smoothness in every puff.

But what truly sets the VMC 12000 Puffs apart are its tantalizing flavors. Choose from a wide array of options, including Extra Menthol, Double Mint, Mineral Water, Super Lemon, Cola, and more. With a total of 22 flavors to explore, there's something to suit every taste preference.

Whether you're craving the refreshing taste of watermelon or the indulgent sweetness of honey milk, the VMC 12000 Puffs has you covered. Elevate your vaping experience with flavors that excite your palate and a device that delivers unmatched convenience.

Explore a World of Flavor

With a total of 22 flavors to choose from, there's something for every palate. Here's a glimpse of the tantalizing flavors awaiting you:

VMC 12000 puffs

1. Extra Menthol

2. Double Mint

3. Mineral Water

4. Super Lemon

5. Cola

6. Fresh Milk

7. Honey Milk

8. Watermelon

9. Honeydew

10. Sugus Apple

11. Sprite Lychee

12. Tokyo Banana

13. Peach Strawberry

14. Strawberry Ice Cream

15. Strawberry Kiwi

16. Funta Strawberry

17. Kyoho Grape

18. Yoyo Grape

19. Funta Grape

20. Grape Apple

21. Mix Berries

22. Lotte Blueberry

From refreshing fruits to indulgent desserts, each flavor is carefully crafted to deliver a delightful vaping experience.

Why Choose VMC 12000 Puffs?

- 12000 puffs for extended use

- 3% nicotine for a satisfying hit

- Portable and convenient design

- Wide range of flavors to suit every preference

Experience the convenience and satisfaction of the VMC 12000 Puffs Disposable Pod today. Elevate your vaping journey to new heights with flavors that excite your taste buds and a puff count that lasts.

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