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Clean your close system vape regularly

Image of Max Miwu silver device and pod with 2 cotton buds

Why can't I vape when there is still liquid in my pod?

When your device is not well maintained, stains will start to build up affecting the electric flow from the 2 copper metal between the pod and the device. Therefore, you will not be able to inhale the aerosol from the E liquid as there is no, or not enough electricity to heat up the coil to burn the liquid.

How to maintain your device?

When there is a leak, always clean the connecting points between your device and the pod. use a cotton bud to clean the residue liquid off the 2 connecting points that is at the mouth of your Close system pod device.

After cleaning you can use a new cotton bud and add a little bit of cleaning alcohol to the cotton bud and clean the connecting point again.

After which you can try again. If it doesn't work, try a new pod. Still not working try a 3rd pod. If it's not working then the liquid might have slipped into the device component. And you can declare you device as broken. Normally you will not be able to replace your device as it is not due to manufacturing defects.

Happy vaping


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