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Max Miwu Mate Series Pod

Max Miwu Mate Series

Electronic cigarette or vape, brand Max Miwu Mate Series. Packaging in box of 3 pods and each box have 3 different color pod. Black pod, Clear pod and Starry pod (1each). Mate Series are 2nd generation of Max Miwu that is also compatible with Relx Infinity, Phantom, and other brands like This is Salt Infy, Jues, Upor Infinity, Flex Pro and 7-11 etc. They are all considered the new compatible generation. 

Max Miwu Mate Series Nicotine 0%
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Max Miwu Mate Series have produce four flavour that contain zero percent nicotine. They are Passionfruit pineapple, Green tea, Guava juice and Icy milk. 

These are good for user who wish to cut nicotine totally and still enjoy the vaping experience.

Please take note that vaping 0 nicotine is not 100% safe as you are still inhaling aerosol into your lungs. 

But on the good side is that you had quit smoking which contain Nicotine, Tar and 7000 other toxin chemical in the cigarette. 

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Max Miwu Mate Series Promotion

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