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Max Miwu Mini Disposable

Max Miwu Mini Disposable

Max Miwu Disposable.

The perfect choice for travellers. Disposable vape are simple and easy to use. Simply open, start inhaling and go. It is cheaper to start with and no maintenance required. It's 3.6ml, battery tank 420mAh. Its about 800puff. General user will finish it in 3-4days.

Yes, it comes with 0 nicotine too.

Max Miwu Mini Disposable 0 Nicotine
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Max Miwu Mini Disposable Promotion for both with nicotine and 0 nicotine.

1 Max mini 199thb delivery 50thb

3 Max mini 189thb each delivery 50thb

Special Buy 9 Max mini free 3

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