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Max Miwu Classic Pod

Max Miwu Classic Pod flavor

Max Miwu, Classic generation. Compatible with Relx classic model. Max Miwu flavour tend to be stronger. Once you open seal, you will be able to smell the strong aroma from the pod.

Check Out Our latest Promotion

This is a joint promotion for classic model. You can choose between both brand Lana and Max Miwu. Most classic model on the market are compatible with one another. Therefore you can choose the flavour from different brand that suit your liking.

Packaging in box of 3 pods. 

1Box for 440thb delivery 50thb

2Box for 660thb delivery 50thb

3Box for 990thb free delivery

5Box for 1700thb free delivery

10Box for 2699thb free Max Miwu Classic device and free delivery

Max Miwu Classic Pod Promotion
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