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Hannya Nano Pro


Open system electronic cigarette, Hannya Nano Pro by Vapelustion. It is made of Zinc Alloy and plastic. It comes in 2 color, black and white. It has 4 magnetic metal panel that is easily replaceable. 2 empty cotton cartridge with 2ml capacity for vape liquid. When filling the new cartridge with liquid, let the cotton shook the liquid for 1-2mins before using it. While vaping, use mouth to engulf the cartridge and inhale. Do not place lips on the edge of cartridge as the heat may cause scalding to lips.

Hannya Nano Pro White
Hannya Nano Pro
Hannya Nano Pro Black

Product Parameters

Product Name: Hannya Nano Pro

Materials: Zinc Alloy, Plastic

Panel: Metal

Capacity: 2ml

Output Power: 13.6W

Voltage: 3.7V

Battery Capacity: 700mAh

Resistance Value: 0.8Ω

Size: 72.9mm x 49mm x 14.6mm

Weight: 63g

By: Vapelustion


1 x  Hannya Nano Pro Device

4 x Panels

2 x 0.8Ω Cotton Cartridge

1 x Type C usb cable

1 x Lanyard

1 x User Manual

Price: 1090thb

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